Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Thanks I give to thee dear Lord.
My thanks I give to thee.
With a grateful heart I sing merrily
for the things you've given to me.

Thankful for...
  1. Time to clean. Yes, time to clean--and energy to use it wisely!
  2. Forgiveness. Even when I fall off the same slow horse time after time.
  3. Teaching me to stay. And learn. And grow.
  4. Tthe sheer wonderfulness of "the law" as he emptied the dishwasher while I was at work yesterday.
  5. The same sheer and UTTERLY wonderfulness of "the law" as he whisked both kids away last evening for 2 hours. Peace, and time to make soup, and not wait on someone. It was heavenly.
  6. My favorite first born son and the willingness to pitch in tonight and clean the kitchen after dinner. (Another full dishwasher and sea of dishes in the sink)
  7. The fact that I am ahead in hours this week without trying to be.
  8. The realization that I can't do this weight thing alone and the ability to ask for help.
  9. Music. The lifting, the push, the calming. Such a powerful thing.
  10. Perennial friends. The ones you give me for the long haul in life. Not soon fading. Always whispering in like a breeze when I need to feel Your wind.

Thank you Jesus for your abundance. Help me to always appreciate it.


Just A Girl said...

Have an amazing weekend! I always love your Thursdays. : >

Just A Girl said...

Happy Easter, Tamra! Have a joyful day tomorrow. : >

Just A Girl said...

Hi! Just stopped by to say hello. "Hello!" Keep those thanks rolling. My husband let me off the hook from church last night. I stayed home and they all went. It was a much needed break.

Just A Girl said...

Hey, Tamra! Just dropping in to say hello. I've been so out of it with this pregnancy. You haven't blogged since March. Get with it, sister! Have a great last half of the week. : >