Sunday, July 24, 2011

Jumping off the side

I've been on break far too long. I've decided to give this thing another go. Not much tonight. Just brought everyone out from the frigid arctic that was my header. We'll see if I can get things more consistent this time around. Things are happening. Life is being lived. Stay tuned.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Thanks I give to thee dear Lord.
My thanks I give to thee.
With a grateful heart I sing merrily
for the things you've given to me.

Thankful for...
  1. Time to clean. Yes, time to clean--and energy to use it wisely!
  2. Forgiveness. Even when I fall off the same slow horse time after time.
  3. Teaching me to stay. And learn. And grow.
  4. Tthe sheer wonderfulness of "the law" as he emptied the dishwasher while I was at work yesterday.
  5. The same sheer and UTTERLY wonderfulness of "the law" as he whisked both kids away last evening for 2 hours. Peace, and time to make soup, and not wait on someone. It was heavenly.
  6. My favorite first born son and the willingness to pitch in tonight and clean the kitchen after dinner. (Another full dishwasher and sea of dishes in the sink)
  7. The fact that I am ahead in hours this week without trying to be.
  8. The realization that I can't do this weight thing alone and the ability to ask for help.
  9. Music. The lifting, the push, the calming. Such a powerful thing.
  10. Perennial friends. The ones you give me for the long haul in life. Not soon fading. Always whispering in like a breeze when I need to feel Your wind.

Thank you Jesus for your abundance. Help me to always appreciate it.

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Thankful Thursday

While I wish I wasn't rushing time I am. Today is Thursday which means there is only one more day until Friday! I LIVE for weekends. Hmmm, I wonder if that is why I'm so thankful on Thursdays! :)
  1. Thankful that putting air in my tires made my van stop feeling so wobbly.
  2. Thankful that I have two play dates tomorrow! Well not exactly play dates I guess but time to spend with friends. Oh and did I mention they both involve food and friends and ME not cooking? Joy of joys!!!
  3. Thankful that I got up the nerve to call the hair salon and make an appointment and GET one for this afternoon.
  4. Thankful for the sunshine and promise of above 50 degree weather this weekend.
  5. Thankful for the pep talk from a dear sweet friend who knows how much I struggle with the stinky stanky addiction to food.
  6. Thankful for the reprimand from another dear soul who made it a point to let me know they didn't appreciate me knocking myself down. Though you nearly brought me to tears you were right. I will never achieve what I want if I keep being so negative.
  7. Thankful that the stomach bug I THOUGHT I was getting turned out to be NOT the dreaded stomach bug.
  8. Thankful that though the dishwasher is full of clean dishes and the sink full of dirty dishes, the law DID get the future pilot out for new shoes. Now if he would just impress me and resolve the dish issue. :-P
  9. Thankful that everyone survived my family room reorg. Now if I could just get happy about it. LOL.
  10. Thankful for my favorite first born son has a girlfriend in his life again. One that loves God and seems to be keeping him grounded.

Thank you Jesus for carrying out your plan in my life and helping me to grow more and more accepting that it's you, not I, who is in charge.

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Feeling tired but happy. And thankful!

  1. For NO snow! We were possibly going to get five inches last night. I'm ready for Spring.
  2. That I have all my hours made up at work so don't have to take leave for the time I was snowbound.
  3. For friends who let me bend their ears.
  4. For work that fulfills me and pushes me to learn more.
  5. For a team that lets me bug them with all my little questions and doesn't run when they see me coming.
  6. For a team that pitches in and strives to do the right thing.
  7. That the playroom is almost ship shape and looking better than I have ever seen it--before and after coming soon.
  8. That the law has given me permission to rearrange the family room. I'm so excited!
  9. That the kids have been extremely kind and wonderful this evening.
  10. That a three day weekend is fast approaching and I get to enjoy it.

Thank you Jesus for giving me so much to be thankful for. Thank you for keeping me upright and nudging me back when the train gets derailed.

Friday, February 19, 2010

Consider the lilies...

I was catching up on some blogs the other night and ran across site on one of them that really left me irked.

I can not believe I'm even giving it a shout. I'm sorry. This just seems wrong to me.

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Thankful Thursday

It's been a pretty busy week around here. Scrambling to get the house in order after a house full of people. Tell me, how is it a house just goes to pieces when the kids are home from school for a while? I'll tell you what. I feel for you homeschoolers. I don't know that my house could outlast my kids were they home all day.

I'm blessed though. And I am here to tell you so! Not in a bragging sort of way though. To God be the glory!
  1. Thankfully blessed in being able to get in all of my hours at work this week--even with a few shorter than expected days. Only 12 hours to go to make up for the snow! Woot Woot!
  2. Thankful that I completed my performance evaluation. I dread that every year. I beg to be a pauper rather than have to think of things to say about myself. Just weirds me out.
  3. Thankful for friends who care enough about me to fuss when they think I should make appointments with people I'd rather not make appointments with. Alex, I will, before the end of 2009 I WILL listen to you. I will. I'd promise but I kid you not, I heard on my bible podcast that God tells us just to say, "I will. Not promise or swear or anything." (That could get me out of SOOOOO many commitments don'tcha think?)
  4. Thankful that, save a few flakes here and there, we did not get more dumps of snow. I'm pretty ready for it to turn my lawn back to it's well nourished green.
  5. Thankful that I'm getting the hang of things at work and still loving it. EVERY SINGLE DAY I'm thankful for that.
  6. Thankful that my car is still holding up.
  7. Thankful for smarty pants friends who convince me that my car will hold up.
  8. Thankful that my favorite little girl is getting an opportunity to learn self-defense in school. She's having a great time too!
  9. Thankful that my mood is perking up and that currently I'm not having great feelings of being overwhelmed. (Praying hard that those feelings will stay)
  10. Last but not least so very thankful for the future pilot. My baby. Who really isn't a baby but will always be MY baby. He was born just five short years ago today and, though I was scared as heck to find out I was carrying him, I could not imagine a world with out the delight he has given me.
Thank you Jesus
You give so much to please us.
A thoughtful Father
Giving as no other.
Thank you so much
for everything that You touch.
Everything around me
So much pleasure to see.
May I never stop gazing
On Your love. So amazing!

Thursday, February 11, 2010

Thankful Thursday

Well the winds are calm for now and I'm enjoying the solitude and freedom from keeping water boiled and ready. It's been an interesting week. God has been good!

  1. Thank you God that my family has survived snow storm after snow storm with no incidents.
  2. Thank you God for keeping our electric on so we would have heat and amenities by which we have been so spoiled.
  3. Thank you God that my company has given us a generous amount of time in which to repay the leave we've had to use due to the weather.
  4. Thank you God that "the law" has been kept safe while on duty. (Please keep him safe and awake as he works another unexpected 12 hour shift tonight)
  5. Thank you God that my kids have gotten along extremely well.
  6. Thank you God that I have a day without snow so I may get my hubby his well-deserved Carvel ice cream cake--for his birthday.
  7. God thank you for bringing my son home safe today so he could help shovel out the drive so we'll be well prepared to get in and out to work and such.
  8. Thank you God for a wonderful brother who has worked tirelessly to shovel everyone out and somehow still find time to play with our lonely dog.
  9. Thank you God for family close by so we can run back and forth between homes when we need an egg or butter, or hand soap with shea for tiny cracked fingers.
  10. Thank you God that I am making good use of my time. Not gorging on food but cleaning and sorting and throwing and giving.
Thank you God for the many blessings you have given me. I do not take any of them lightly.